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The mission of KANA is education aiming at versatile professional, intellectual and spiritual development of young generation.



The Catholic Youth Education Centre KANA

KANA Gliwice has moved to new premises! An official opening event was attended by Bishop Jan Wieczorek, who blessed the new site

We were maturing to this day for a long time... As by no means was it easy - after 17 years - to leave the place where KANA was born, developed and went through various stages of its existence, and sometimes quite complicated stages... And is quite probable that for months to come we will still quote the 'old' address - no. 7, Jana Pawła II Street...

But..here we are - it finally happened - on 8 June, at 2 p.m. we were welcoming our guests to the new KANA premises. And our hearts were beating fast! Among the guests were: Bishop Jan Wieczorek, Father Konrad Kołodziej - Mitered Prelate, Father Bernard Plucik, the Secretary of the City of Gliwice - Mr. Andrzej Karasiński and our longtime colleagues, partners, friends - all those who identify with KANA's mission and who have always supported us throughout all those years. We all thank them whole-heartedly for being with us on that day.

The event was opened by Mr. Waldemar Kuwaczka, Director of KANA, who welcomed our dear guests and gave a presentation summarising all our achievements over the past 17 years: computer and language courses, addiction prevention activities for youth, drama and music workshops, the first professional development training courses for teachers - 'Multimedia in Teaching', and a series of our key projects related to implementation of the 'Teach-IT.net' ICT training method.

Following this retrospection, the Director asked Bishop Jan Wieczorek to take floor and bless the new site. 'Vivant sequentes!- long live those who continue the work' - those words will remain in our memory for long... Memories and summarising previous accomplishments is one thing. Yet another thing - far more important - is being on the way.. Constant development, looking ahead, continuing the work - those are the challenges for KANA team, which - as Bishop Jan Wieczorek noticed - is slowly reaching maturity. After all, KANA will soon have been around for... 18 years! :) And that brings new requirements and places even more responsibility on our shoulders...

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Bishop Jan Wiczorek for all his words, for the wonderful hope and energy which he poured into our hearts...

We will do all we can to fulfill all those expectations!...

God bless you!


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