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The mission of KANA is education aiming at versatile professional, intellectual and spiritual development of young generation.



The Catholic Youth Education Centre KANA

"It must be strongly emphasized that KANA contributes to the process of increasing the potential of human resources in the most innovative sectors of the economy."
Professor Jerzy Buzek

KANA helps young people – your company may support these activities and educate future customers!

KanaKANA Gliwice is not just an educational service provider. We are innovators in our community. As such we are looking for strong partners from IT and business – partners which share our pragmatic approach to the creation of public good by stimulating versatile individual development of the young generation.

We invite you to associate your Corporate Responsibility strategy with our activities. KANA Gliwice is confident to engage in joint initiatives with your company, in order to effectively utilize specific ICT methods and our rich training experience. We aspire more generally to prepare the younger generations to be efficient employees, successful entrepreneurs and socially responsible members of their communities.

We would like to continue as the front-runners!

To stay effective as innovators we need room for creativity, especially where it promises the best results. Unfortunately, a considerable amount of our time is consumed by the gigantic bureaucracy related to implementation of large-scale EU projects. The time thus lost we would prefer to invest in what is the dearest to us: our students and their universal development.

That is why we find it so crucial to establish partnership cooperation with businesses, as in this way we would be able to sustain our pace of development and creative output. We are inviting you to join us in our activities. Our expert team is ready to show you how to make a crucial difference with your financial support, so that this world will become a better place to learn and to live in. Through our educational activity we strive to create a friendly climate conducive to economic activity.

The world is facing a growing lack of acceptance for the existing economic order. Your Corporate Social Responsibility activities aimed at young adults pose a fair response to that completely new challenge.

Investment in user skills is an investment with guaranteed return.

Enable a frontrunner to reach your customers of tomorrow.

Invest in KANA Gliwice today. Help us to keep the lead!

Waldemar Kuwaczka
tel. +48 501 330 397


Our bank account:

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