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The mission of KANA is education aiming at versatile professional, intellectual and spiritual development of young generation.



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Our participants' work

We are inviting you to visit the websites - school portals - created by participants of the Project: 'The Classy Fourth Estate. School Media Concern', co-financed by the European Union under framework of the European Social Fund.

'The Classy Fourth Estate. School Media Concern.' (2008 - 2011) was an educational initiative aimed at high school students from the Lesser Poland, Subcarpathian and Silesian regions. Teams of six students, supervised by teachers, participated in training courses dealing with the craft of journalism.

In this way the young adults had a chance to learn about the jobs of an editor-in-chief, journalist, translator, graphics and IT expert, PR specialist. Also, they had an opportunity to meet media celebrities as well as benefit from additional e-learning courses and specially designed coursebooks. However, what was of utmost importance was the fact that the young 'journo wannabes' created their own websites, thus successfully putting theory into practice. In all these efforts they were supported by their teachers/tutors, who had prepared for these roles through participation in coaching workshops.

The highlight of this educational project was a competition for the best school media concern. The websites were evaluated by the jury of media experts. Attractive prizes awaited the winners, the main one being a two-week language course in the United Kingdom.

The County Schools in Bierun: http://www.twojahistoria.pzsbierun.pl

Th Jan Smolen College no. 1 in Bytom: http://www.aledanie.pl

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