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The mission of KANA is education aiming at versatile professional, intellectual and spiritual development of young generation.



The Catholic Youth Education Centre KANA

How others see us

Prof. Jerzy Buzek
President of European Parliament
Initiator of Polish Competition “Pro Publico Bono”

In 2002 KANA Gliwice was granted the First Award in the category of education. The award was as intended to demonstrate the how significant is the impact made by KANA's activities on the development of education in Poland. (…) A real asset of KANA is the ability to share knowledge and experience with other non-governmental organisations as well as various state and local self-government institutions.


KANA Gliwice represents a real educational success story. With a combination of effective partners like Microsoft and personal dedication, the organization has helped not just improve the computer skills of young people, but also the Polish educational system.

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Siemens chose KANA as a partner because of the organization’s extensive experience in educating young people and in training teachers. (...)
Implementation has nonetheless been a complete success due to the KANA team’s hard work and enthusiasm. From the very start, the entire team has been distinguished by its dedication, comprehensive know-how and pedagogical and didactic expertise. The project has been carried out quickly and efficiently. All deadlines have been met. (...)
On the basis of our experience, we can highly recommend KANA for projects in the education field.

Multimedia w dydaktyce - okładka

Andrzej Martynuska
Director of Krakow Regional Employment Office

Amongst all the entities with which the Krakow Regional Employment Office is cooperating, KANA Gliwice is distinguished not only by the high degree of care about the quality of product offered - i.e. ICT training programme for teachers tailored to their needs, but first of all - by being personally committed to constant analysis of its utilization by target groups. In this way, KANA gains experience and manages to further improve its performance.

Justyna Janiszewska
President of Education for Democracy Foundation

For a number of years now we have been cooperating with KANA Gliwice in the field of modern technologies. The KANA team has always been a priceless support for the Foundation with regards to development of our on-line training courses, whereas we have succeeded in 'infecting' KANA with the passion for cooperation with Eastern partners and supported them in some initiatives launched. Since 2008, together we have been running the international cooperation portal www.civicportal.org.
The strength of KANA is its innovativeness, readiness to respond to new challenges but also a warm and friendly approach to recipients of its activities.

Joanna Brehmer
Former athlete.
Today: sports manager, Head of Sports & Recreational Facilities MOSiR Mikołów, international handball referee, lecturer

Aged 23 and following a serious rupture of the Achilles tendon I had to re-evaluate my life and retrain professionally. KANA helped me to believe again in myself and strongly supported me in my development. All KANA staff are specialists, and I was able to learn something worthwhile from each of them. In my current work I use many of these skills – related to languages, use of internet and administration of European projects – gained during my time in the centre. Thanks to 10 years with KANA I achieved what I am today.

Mariusz Kozubek
Director of Theatre “A” Gliwice

Undoubtedly, KANA, supporting our early activities, contributed to the creation of Theatre "A". KANA was our first base, helping us for years to get financial support and necessary equipment, until we stood “firmly on our own feet“. Without this common origins we would today not be able to look back with pride on a history of 23 premières, 16 years of dynamic business and thousands of performances played in Poland and abroad.

Włodzimierz Myśliński
first - training participant, later - trainer

It was in KANA that my fingers touched the computer keyboard for the first time. I was a training participant, then a volunteer, I even took part in one of the projects as a trainer myself!
This place computerized my world, which had a positive impact, both on my life as well as my entire family's.
I know one thing for sure, I will always remember you fondly, as those were beautiful, unforgettable moments!

arts teacher

Teach-IT.net in Silesia," helped to systematize my knowledge. The course showed me new directions and ways to apply information technology in my teaching. Thanks to this training it is now easier for me to prepare materials for lessons, e. g. Power Point presentations. For artistic activities I use the program Audacity.

The „Teach-IT.net in Silesia. Professional development of teachers in the Field of Information Technology” project implemented by the Catholic Youth Education Centre KANA in Gliwice enabled me to develop and improve skills related to utilization of IT in professional work. The course allowed me to gain an innovative perspective on many issues connected with didactics, organization of school work or my indidual work at home. It leads one into the 21st century, the world with no borders, a global village, where - thanks to the Internet - we are able to overcome various barriers, cross borders and communicate with the whole world. Our trainer was a very down-to-earth person capable of getting the message through, using a clear language, providing numerous examples and exercises useful in consolidating the knowledge acquired. She delivered the instruction in a patient and interesting manner.
Ewa - maths teacher.

The course „Teach-IT.net in Silesia. Professional development of teachers in the field of Information Technology” enabled me - as humanist - to become acquainted with a computer. I never saw myself as an advocate of introducing computer science into history lessons. Yet I became familiar with the possibilities offered by IT, which will facilitate work - both for myself as well as my students. IT helps us show history in an innovative manner. Old and boring oral presentations may be successfully replaced by dynamic Power Point presentations. One has not longer need to spend ages in a library in order to find an answer to some historical questions. The Internet shortens distances and saves time. Our classes were run in a very open and communicative way. For me, learning was really enjoyable.
Małgorzata - history teacher

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