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KANA becomes familiar with European good practices in activities aimed at unemployed persons - the Learning Partnership Project "Mo-X-Pi" is implemented under framework of Grundtvig Programme

KANA Gliwice has commenced activities in the 'Mo-X-Pi' Learning Partnership Project (Modules for Exchange Programmes with Internships Abroad) implemented under framework of Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme.

The Partnership is made up of organizations from Germany, Sweden, Spain, Wales and Poland. The project will allow for exchange of experience with regards to supporting unemployed persons, threatened with marginalisation, in effective integration on the labour market.

During the kick-off meeting, which was held in Calw on 5-8 October, on the premises of the Project Leader - Erlacher Hoehe - the Partners became familiar with the specific aims of each of the partner organizations as well as compared previous experiences with working with the unemployed persons.

One of the aims of the Project is to analyze the current situation on the labour market in each partner country. Also, the Partners will jointly work on methods of organizing international internships for unemployed persons.

The previous experience of some of the partner organizations clearly demonstrates that international internships are an important element helpful in supporting unemployed persons on the labour market. Participants of such exchange programmes have the opportunity to improve their professional qualifications, take advantage of language courses as well as are able to acquire necessary social competences.

We will be providing updated information here about the Mo-X-Pi project work progress.

in photos below: Project Partners during the meeting in Calw, Germany.


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