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The mission of KANA is education aiming at versatile professional, intellectual and spiritual development of young generation.



The Catholic Youth Education Centre KANA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

KANA Gliwice is not just an educational service provider. We are innovators in our community, who prepare the younger generations to be dedicated employees, successful entrepreneurs and socially responsible members of their community. Looking back on the thousands of students and teachers trained throughout the past two decades, the fruitful cooperation with trusted partners home and abroad, and the awards received for our work I am convinced we are on the right track.

Albeit the looming international crisis threatening all of us, today's youth faces a more friendly social environment. Actively welcoming the changes of values and the rapid technological developments of our time, the young generation is nowadays most of all in need of personal orientation to answer tomorrow's challenges. In my understanding our task is to enable our students to achieve by themselves their highest goals through grasping and consciously changing the environment they live in.

Our homeland is consciously integrating the multicultural heritage of the Upper Silesia region. In our training centre we are conscious of the social context we are working in.

To stay effective as innovators we need to keep our hands free to apply our creativity where it promises the best results. However, a considerable amount of our valuable time is consumed by the at times excessive administration of large-scale public projects; time, that we cannot invest in what is the dearest to us: our students and their universal development. That is why we aspire to strike new private partnerships to sustain our pace of development and creative output.

No matter if you are a graduate of our trainings working in a new environment, a local firm dedicated to the development of our region or an international corporation interested in our cycle of methodological innovation – do not hesitate to join us today with Your capital and contacts, experience or practical support. Please visit our revised website (Offer for corporate partners ; You can help us) and get in contact with our experts. We are ready to show You how to make a crucial difference with your support and this world a better place to learn and to live in.

Waldemar Kuwaczka


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