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Inspiration, experience, bloopers and tips... - our young journalists meet Jakub Porada!

On 10 February, the students participating in the project "The Classy Fourth Estate. School Media Concern", attended a meeting with Jakub Porada, a popular journalist working for TVN24 channel.

During the so-called "Meeting with Master", our guest touched upon several relevant issues concerning the preparation for the job of a news reporter, e.g.:

  • the voice technique, i.e. the ability to speak 'with ease' (the cork exercise! interpretation etc.)
  • "comprehending" the language of the media (the ability to build information, conciseness etc.)
  • the journalist's technique and how to develop it, or... there is no such thing as unnecessary knowledge, you just have to know how to utilize it!

The atmosphere of the meeting was very friendly and spontaneous. One of the highlights was presentation of short clips with journalists' funny bloopers.

We were impressed by Mr Porada's openness, his fantastic approach to young people and the readiness to share his experience with us.

The meeting provided the opportunity to make the students aware of the fact, that the job of a journalist - no matter how fascinating! - requires constant efforts to develop one's technique.

We would like to thank Jakub Porada for accepting our invitation and we wish him further successes both in his professional career and private life!


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